The German sausage is a quick, easy, and tasty dish – no wonder it’s popular among many people. You yourself may be fond of the German sausage, but have you ever wondered about its history?

Germany offers a lot of culinary specialties, but sausage is probably the most well-known among them. The gastronomic culture of Germany is represented by the German sausage, which is as diversified and interesting as the country’s history.

Food has always played an important part in the culture of Germany, and sausages are among the most widely used main ingredients in German cuisine. Sausages may look alike, but really, they come in different kinds. Sausage recipes vary depending on the geographical location, and you can expect every region to claim that its sausage recipes are the best. If you want to check out various types of German sausages, check out Swiss pork store.

The German sausage has over 1,500 types, and you will be able to find them on almost any food stand in almost every street. They are also available in festivals, sporting events, holiday markets, grill parties, and fine dining. These sausages are typically made of minced or ground pork (although there are also those that are made with venison, beef, and vegan ingredients), and they are preserved through a variety of methods, such as smoking, drying, and canning. The Germans love to eat their sausages with beer. Well, it’s not surprising since the Germans are next to the Czechs as the biggest beer drinkers in the world. Looking for the best beer to go with your German sausage? This wholesale grocery Singapore has great options that you can choose from.

Historically, some of the best sausage makers were in Germany. The dry northern winds in the mountainous areas aided in the curing process, which is why the best cured sausages came from these regions. Though there are hundreds of German sausage varieties out there, here are the most common kinds that you can expect to find in an online meat store Singapore:

Weisswurst (also known as bockwurst)

This sausage appears to be fat and white, and its literal translation is “white sausage.” It is typically made from minced pork back bacon and veal, and combined with lemon, onions, parsley, cardamom, mace, and ginger. It is cooked in hot water for around 5 to 10 minutes.


Bratwurst is one of the most popular German sausage types. It dates back to 1313 and is traditionally made from pork. In Germany, they are sold in all sorts of places – from pubs and fast food restaurants, to grills in city centers. They are best cooked in beer and mixed with red cabbage and potatoes. Visit the best butcher Singapore to find these delectable sausages.


Nürnberg rostbratwurst

The Nürnberg rostbratwurst is smaller than the other sausages mentioned above. In fact, you may eat twelve of them at a time! This type of German sausage is made from group pork and is seasoned with ginger, lemon powder, cardamom, pepper, salt, and marjoram.

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