Mutton and lamb meat both come from domestic sheep, which is why oftentimes, people think they are just the same. But really, they are different from each other. There are a number of distinct differences between mutton and lamb, but the main one is the age, which is a crucial factor that determines the tenderness and the flavor of a particular animal’s meat.

Here is a more detailed comparison of mutton and lamb:



When a sheep is less than one year old, it is considered as a lamb. A sheep that is younger than 3 months old is referred to as a spring lamb. The ones slaughtered for meat are usually those that are around four to twelve months old.

Meanwhile, mutton comes from sheep that is more than one year old. The sheep that are slaughtered for mutton are typically those that are more than three years old. Generally, lamb meat, which comes from young sheep is more tender than mutton.

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Taste and Flavor

The primary difference between mutton and lamb meat’s taste is that mutton’s flavor is stronger and richer. Mutton is also tougher and it has higher fat content. Additionally, its water content is lower than lamb meat’s. While lamb is more tender, its texture is still firm. It also tastes milder, although lamb that feeds on salt-rich grass is also considered flavorful. To know more about your options when it comes to sheep meat, visit the best online meat store Singapore.


If you are not used to buying mutton or lamb, it can be a bit confusing to differentiate them based on their color. But for the record, raw lamb meat appears to be pink or dark red in color, while mutton has more of a deep red color. You can also take a look at the bones. Lamb bones are pink while mutton bones are white. Moreover, the thin skin that covers lamb meat is white in color, while the skin covering mutton is pink. The basic rule when it comes to sheep meat is that the darker its color, the older the sheep is.


Since mutton comes from older sheep, it needs to be cooked for a longer time. Mutton is best cooked slowly as pot-roasts or in casseroles. It won’t cook well if it is pan-fried. Cooking mutton evenly and properly is important because if not, digesting it will be tough. Mutton can be diced or cubed, or they can also be minced to make patties. On the other hand, lamb can be cooked in several ways – roasted, grilled, or braised. However, it will be best to marinate it in salt first so that the proteins will be broken down.

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